A champion like akin

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“In order to evolve, you have to embrace the challenge. The change is in the challenge.” 

There are very few people in the world who not only influence, but inspire and ignite real change in others as well. 

Cotidien’s unique industry perspective is driven by the unwavering dedication of our founder, Teri Rosenthal. You can read more about her story here. As she continues to inspire her team and community with her energy and passion, she also has someone very special to thank for pushing her to be her best self. His name is Coach Akin Akman, co-founder of AARMY. 

Akin flawlessly translates his many learnings into designing AARMY’s cycle and bootcamp classes for every skill level, whether you’re an experienced athlete or just beginning your fitness journey. Without working on developing a strong mindset, your physical strength will always be limited. That’s why Akin focuses on positivity in his practices; even if you’re not the fastest or strongest person in the room, you’ve already won just by showing up for yourself. Want to have access to Aarmy anywhere you go? No problem! You can now access an array of on-demand AARMY classes via their digital platform. Get the app here for a 14 day FREE trial. 

Authentically akin 

Kindred spirit, mentor, trainer… it seems impossible to pick just one word to describe Akin. He truly is all of those things and so much more to not only Teri but to his entire AARMY family. He so proudly refers to his community as soldiers and athletes without any hesitation at all because he wholeheartedly believes in the power of each individual to unlock their full potential. 

That might sound intimidating or even impossible at first but according to Akin, it’s actually quite simple - the exact moment where you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel is the same moment when you absolutely need to multiply your efforts and go all in. 

“In order to evolve, you have to embrace the challenge. The change is in the challenge.”

Akin’s unique way of making everyone in his class feel like they’re the only person in the room is a certain type of magic you have to experience for yourself in order to fully understand. It’s no surprise that his energy is just as contagious through his online presence as it is in a full studio class. He practices what he preaches and that’s why it’s impossible for even the most skeptical newcomer to not feel the vibe, energy and warmth of his soul.

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Mindset matters

Without knowing Teri or any details about her personal story, Akin’s empowering words during one of his New York City AARMY practices gave her the courage to carry on after facing a relapse in her eating disorder recovery. Her relapse, coupled with the stress of launching her new business, had Teri in such a dark place that she contemplated not going to his class that morning in NYC. Akin’s focus on taking control of your life and paying no mind to anyone who tries to tear you down helped Teri find the courage within herself to fight through those crucial moments following her relapse, which is an integral part of recovery when the person trying to tear you down is yourself. 

Today, she knows her decision to show up to that one class changed the course of her life for the better. Akin helped Teri turn one of her most upsetting setbacks into a mindset win that would propel her forward like never before. 

Akin taught us

Because of Teri's devotion to listening and learning from Akin’s practices, Cotidien continues to be infused with a powerful energy that compliments and contrasts the innate feminine nature of our luxurious athleisure collections. Just as Akin’s mindset has positively impacted Teri, she now relays elements of his philosophy to her team and to her Cotidien community alike. 

Versatility is of utmost importance to us, and ensuring our products hold up to training with Coach Akin is the ultimate test. Akin never fails to remind us that greatness happens right outside of our comfort zone, and at Cotidien, we take this to heart when curating pieces with the purpose of helping women look and feel their absolute best. 

“We were born to stand out and to unlock our minds, our hearts and our potential.”
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