Whether you start your days with an early morning spin class or skip right to brunch, Cotidien’s curated collection of activewear is both relaxed and functional no matter what your daily routine is like.

We’ve merged luxury athleisure with high-performance active apparel to carry you from the gym to your next meeting with ease. The perfect combination of tactical yet comfortable pieces will change the course of your day for the better and streamline your entire lifestyle.

Cotidien continues to set the standard as the only online edit of its kind in Canada. With a focus on quality without any compromise to style, each and every piece you will find on our website is carefully selected in order to ensure a seamless transition into your wardrobe. Versatility is always a priority.



After an exciting and fast-paced legal career, Teri made a daring switch to pursue a passion that had long called out to her. As a mom of 3, she knows just how busy life can get. Teri took it upon herself to fill a gap in the Canadian activewear market and is fully dedicated to providing women with access to top picks from the industry’s leading brands.

Thanks to her dedication to honouring daily habits, coupled with unwavering support from mentors like Coach Akin, Teri quickly overcomes and welcomes challenges instead of letting them become setbacks. After facing an eating disorder relapse around the same time Cotidien was preparing for launch, she quickly recentered without letting her most recent struggle define years of progress.

Ever since then, she has been ready for whatever else may come her way. Her zest for life is instantly translated into everything she pursues, especially when it comes to helping other women feel their best while creating daily habits they’re proud of.